Struggling with your maintenance needs?

Is your current software or way of tracking maintenance, complex and confusing? Are you tired of using inefficient emails, phone calls and trying to use spreadsheets to manage your daily maintenance needs? Then we can help you to keep track of all your maintenance needs with our easy to use web-based maintenance management software.

‘Asset2Track Maintenance’ is a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) which gives you control over all your urgent repairs, preventative maintenance and scheduled facility management all in one place. You can log a job request, approve it for action and assign the job to your workers in just seconds, then track its progress until completion, where it is assigned back to you for final signoff, all the while build historical data for future reference.

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What makes us different.

Most maintenance management systems are too complex, they try to force you into loading all of your company assets into the system which often take months to install and setup properly. Staff members then find themselve trying to use a complex interface which can be clunky and difficult to understand. Plus, when something inevitably goes wrong, you need to contact your IT department to make any changes, which can take weeks to resolve.

You won’t get this with ‘Asset2Track Maintenance’.
Our solution has been purposefully designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. We also set everything up for you so it’s a quick and easy to get started. You don’t need to install, host or maintain any software in-house either as everything is hosted securely online.

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Job Request

Job Requests can easily be created by anyone in the system. Each Job Request once entered, enters approval status and a notification is sent to a supervisor for approval. Once approved Jobs are assigned to users for action. Notes and requirements can be added to each job giving your workers all relevant required information. Once completed jobs are assigned back to the Supervisor for final approval and completion of job.

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Planned Maintenance

Effective planned maintenance is essential to minimise downtime and drive cost efficiency. Create preventive and scheduled maintenance job requests that automatically appear in the system based on date. The software automates the task to manage asset inspections, equipment servicing and health and safety audits. Providing visibility of critical maintenance thus reducing equipment downtime and costs.

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Maintain Compliance

These days regulatory compliance and compliance issues in general, are simply a fact of life. Safety is a top priority for all businesses. Having the ability to track incidents and adherence to proper processes, complying with regulations and the ability to show clear audit trails are essential. Asset2Track maintenance allows you to captures and administor common approved procedures and work instructions.

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Mobile Solutions

Don't be stuck to your desk. Increase the level of service that you deliver to your workers by using tablet and smartphone devices. Your maintenance team can access to their work anytime and from anywhere, improving the efficiency of your workforce. Job information is updated in real-time, automated notification of status changes improve communication and reduce response time.

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Dashboard & Reports

See the state of all your maintenance jobs at a glance with our user dashboard. Customised dashboards based on user role lets your users see only what is relevant to them. General reports showing costs, down time and labour can be calculated giving you the reporting functionality you need to meet management objectives.

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Secured Data

We take your data security seriously. Unlike some providers we don't store your data in one database with all of our customers. We store each customers data seperately in a MS Sql database backed up nightly for your protection. Not only do we encrypt your data across the internet with an SSL certificate, we also protect all personal information that you share with us by encryption in the database.

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